The Renaissance initiative

Renaissance is a project aimed at transforming Europe. Renaissance is a vision of the Europe we want to build, an appeal for mobilisation and a citizens’ action platform.

We support the appeal of Emmanuel Macron on March 5, 2019 because:

We must make an historic choice

In May 2019, Europeans will choose the Europe they want. In the face of nationalists and populists who have already taken over large democracies using lies and threats, our voice has never mattered so much. If we do not make ourselves heard, others will decide for us and the European project will collapse into nationalism or vanish by itself.

With Renaissance, we have already made our choice. We take Europe as a given and a victory that has guaranteed peace after war, freedom at the time of dictatorships, and the prosperity of several generations. Europe is not the problem, but our solution. Our solution to be influential against other world powers .

We want an end to a disunited and helpless Europe.

However, Europe is not living up to its full potential. The current structure of Europe was not designed to fully meet the expectations of its citizens. It has caused the public to abandon the European promise.

Against this background, a coalition of authoritarian and demagogue politicians is blaming Europe for everything while they have been living off it for decades. They offer no solution other than saying "no" to Europe and move backwards. They offer no solutions to assert ourselves against the Chinese, Russian or American powers. Nothing for solving the challenges of unemployment, the environmental emergency or preparing for present and future technological breakthroughs. No solutions are offered for transforming our everyday lives or providing better education for our children.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, they try to convince us that life was better before Europe. They claim to speak on behalf of the people. Yet they are simply flouting their rights and democracy, muzzling the press, undermining the justice system, mistreating minorities, and worsening everyday life. They demand more sovereignty while ignoring that it is thanks to Europe that we will carry weight in the world.

We propose working together to rebuild Europe.

To rebuild Europe we must be ready to take everything from scratch, to strengthen what works, abandon what does not work, and demand more cooperation wherever needed.

Europe must act wherever member states cannot make it on their own. We must give them the means to defend our economic interests. We must put an end to fiscal and social divergences. We must arm Europe and turn it into a world power. We must control the migration flows. We must heavily invest to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. And when some call environmental imperatives into question, we affirm that the European renaissance will only have a meaning if future generations are able to live in a well-preserved environment. It is up to us to make this a priority.

In each of these areas, Europe must do more and must do better, because this is the appropriate level to take action.

But European citizens must also be able to count on us to say that Europe cannot do everything. It is through refocusing European action on vital areas that Europe will become less technocratic and closer to the people.

One single promise: nothing is forbidden!

There are no taboos . We are ready to rethink our institutions. We are ready to increase the Union's resources to build up new sovereignties. We are ready to amend the treaties were they to continue causing obstacles and setbacks.

This renaissance will not be that of a single country. This renaissance will not be about diplomatic negotiations. Because we want a democratic and transparent Europe, in which all its citizens can partake in.

The Europe we want must belong to its people. Following the elections to be held from 23 to 26 May 2019, European countries and European citizens will be holding a conference on the rebuilding of Europe. Everything will be on the table, because everything must change to save Europe.

The European promise has not been lost. Let us wake up! Do not be afraid! The renaissance of Europe starts here!

We are Europeans who support the Emmanuel Macron initiative for a European renaissance.

Like him, we share the in the view that Europe has become a soulless market in the eyes of too many Europeans and that it is urgent to forge a European Renaissance together.

We know the decades of peace, tolerance and prosperity we owe to Europe. But we also see its opponents trying every day to undermine it and Europe hesitating when it should act.

Our initiative calls for an end to a disunited Europe and to make Europe count again on the world stage. Our Europe must be rebuilt from its foundations to live up to its promises and the challenges of our time.

President Macron’s appeal may come from France but is addressed to all European citizens, whether they are members of civil society or politicians. Join us and tomorrow there will be millions of us!

This site aims to mobilise and create a debate during the European elections to be held between 23 and 26 May 2019. By signing this appeal, you are not only campaigning for Europe, you are taking part in its Renaissance.

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