La République En Marche and Modem are launching Renaissance

La République En Marche and MoDem are launching Renaissance, an initiative to rebuild Europe.
Press release Mar 7, 2019

La République En Marche and Modem are launching Renaissance, an initiative to rebuild Europe.

On the 7th of March, as part of the campaign for the European elections to be held on 26 May, La République En Marche and MoDem are launching Renaissance, an initiative to rebuild Europe.

Renaissance stands in support of the column on the future of Europe published by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron in 31 European newspapers and in the French regional dailies. Renaissance addresses everyone who believes that Europe is not just a market but a project.

Renaissance endeavours to bring together people who are firmly pro-European but aware that Europe requires far-reaching reform if it is to deliver on its promises and rise up to the challenges of our times.

With this initiative, La République En Marche and MoDem are inviting all citizens who feel an attachment to the European Union to sign the call for "a European Renaissance" on the website The call comes from France but addresses to all European citizens, members of society and political leaders to build a real grassroots momentum three months ahead of the election, which is crucial for the continent's future.In an unprecedented move, the platform is available in the 24 official languages of the European Union through 28 national websites.

From a European social protection and a European climate bank, to an overhaul of the Schengen Agreement and a treaty on defence and security, we support the President of the Republic's proposals and call on the citizens of Europe to seize upon and debate these ideas in every member-state. We are convinced that the European elections will be a foundational moment. We know that we have Europe to thank for decades of peace, tolerance and prosperity. We see its opponents attempting to destroy it on a daily basis. We reject inertia and wish to offer a different choice: the choice of a transformed Europe that protects us all in these challenging times.

"As Brexit approaches, as nationalists have taken power in several EU member-states, as foreign powers become increasingly aggressive, we are not giving up" says Stéphane Séjourné, campaign director. "With Renaissance, we want to unite everyone who believes in the future of Europe but knows that there is an urgent need for change. There will be only one round for the European elections. Until then, we will do everything we can to wake the European people up and offer them another direction".

La République en Marche is the political movement that emerged from the En Marche! movement created by Emmanuel Macron on 6 April 2016 as part of the French presidential election campaign. It now forms the majority parliamentary group in the French National Assembly and has more than 400,000 members across France. It is a multi-faceted movement with a diverse set of members, united around progressive values and a shared project for France and Europe. MoDem is a party created by François Bayrou after the 2007 presidential elections. MoDem brings together democrats who are looking for an independent, central stance in politics. MoDem affirms its support for the action of the President of the Republic, Emmanual Macron, to secure success for France. La République en Marche and MoDem have joined forces for the 2019 European election campaign, backing a shared list and project to relaunch the European project and the implementation of initiatives to reconcile people with the ideal of a united Europe.

APPENDICES – List of the national Renaissance websites

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