We are Europeans who support the Emmanuel Macron initiative for a European renaissance.

Like him, we share the in the view that Europe has become a soulless market in the eyes of too many Europeans and that it is urgent to forge a European Renaissance together.

We know the decades of peace, tolerance and prosperity we owe to Europe. But we also see its opponents trying every day to undermine it and Europe hesitating when it should act.

Our initiative calls for an end to a disunited Europe and to make Europe count again on the world stage. Our Europe must be rebuilt from its foundations to live up to its promises and the challenges of our time.

President Macron’s appeal may come from France but is addressed to all European citizens, whether they are members of civil society or politicians. Join us and tomorrow there will be millions of us!

This site aims to mobilise and create a debate during the European elections to be held between 23 and 26 May 2019. By signing this appeal, you are not only campaigning for Europe, you are taking part in its Renaissance.

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