Условия за употреба

In the aim of promoting political debate and the sharing of opinions, the Editor has set up the site https://eu-renaissance.org (hereinafter “the Site”), regulated by the present General Conditions of Use.

The Site enables any citizen aged 16 or over to support the Tribune published on the Site and to also participate freely in French and European political life.

The navigation and use of the Site is likely to reveal the political opinions of Visitors/Supporters. La République En Marche has therefore established a Data Protection Policy for the purpose of respecting the rights and obligations of each person in line with their values. This Policy may be viewed at the address https://eu-renaissance.org/en/privacy.


The present General Conditions of Use (hereinafter “the GCU”) set out the rules of access and the methods of use of services of the Site https://eu-renaissance.org, as well as the rights and responsibilities applicable to all Visitors to the Site. The GCU are freely accessible and can be viewed by any person browsing/using the Site.

The Data Protection Policy, which can be consulted on the Site https://eu-renaissance.org, is an integral part of the General Conditions of Use and must be accepted specifically and without reservation by Visitors//Supporters wishing to continue to browse and use the site.

The GCU must be fully and unconditionally accepted by any person wishing to access, browse and use the Site. They constitute a contract between the Editor and any Visitor/Supporter to the Site.

Visitors are recommended to print a copy of the GCU and to view them regularly.


This article defines the essential terms contained in these General Conditions of Use.

“Newsletter Subscriber”: denotes any visitor providing the proper information to receive a newsletter from Renaissance and/or be informed of news relating to Renaissance, the Tribune and other European elections. A Visitor may not become a Newsletter Subscriber without supporting the Tribune.

“General Conditions of Use” and “GCU”: terms denoting the present Conditions, including the Data Protection Policy accessible at the URL address


“Personal Data”: denotes the data (name, surname, postal address, email address, etc.) transmitted by the Visitor and/or the Supporter under the different sections of the Site;

“Publication Director”: denotes the person in charge of the publication of content, namely Mr. Stéphane SEJOURNE;

“Editor”: denotes La République En Marche, Association established under the law of 1 July 1901 relative to the partnership agreement and the decree of 16 August 1901, with headquarters at 63 rue Sainte-Anne, 75002 Paris; Email: [email protected].

“Newsletter”: denotes any informational or promotional email sent periodically by the Site.

“Site”: denotes the website accessible at the URL https://eu-renaissance.org;

“Supporter”: denotes any person over sixteen (16) years of age browsing and using the Site and having supported the Tribune;

“Tribune”: section published on the Site intended for the collection of ideas and messages within the framework of the European election campaign;

“Visitor”: denotes any person browsing and using the Site without necessarily supporting the Tribune.



The site has the purpose of offering Visitors to support the Tribune published on the Site. Support of the Tribune is optional and can only be carried out electronically.

This is subject to compliance with several obligations;


Support of the Tribune is given according to the following process: a registration form present on the Site’s homepage enables the Visitor to become a Supporter by entering their email address and their city of residence.

Supporters can be kept informed of news relating to Renaissance and to European elections by ticking the appropriate box.

An email will confirm support of the Tribune.


A Supporter may only support the Tribune once, on a personal basis. One person may give one support. One person can only use one email address. It is strictly prohibited for any person to support the Tribune more than once, in particular by creating a false identity or by using the rights of a third party (for example by stealing the identity of a third party).


Support of the Tribune is irreversible. However, in the case of formal proof of identity theft, the person whose theft of identity is reported can request the cancellation of their support at the following address: [email protected].


Any person wishing to support the Tribune is informed that their support of the Tribune and the communication of varying data and/or information is likely to reveal the political opinions of the Supporter/Visitor. Concerned with the strict respect of privacy, La République En Marche is bound to respect the provisions set out in its Data Protection Policy.


Users and Supporters are invited to familiarise themselves with the GCU on connection with the Site.

The use of the Site and support of the Tribune is in effect subject to the acceptance of the GCU.

In this manner, on the date of first connection the General Conditions of Use are deemed to have been unreservedly read, understood and accepted by the Visitor and/or the Supporter.

A Visitor and/or person wishing to support the Tribune not accepting the General Conditions of Use must immediately leave the Website and refrain from using it.



Access to the Site is entirely free of charge.

The Editor will do everything in their power for the site to be accessible in a permanent manner (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for all Visitors and Supporters with an Internet connection. 100% availability cannot be guaranteed owing to inherent technical restrictions of the network.

To access the Site, the Visitor or Supporter must be in possession of computer equipment which is free of all viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs, computer worms and any other objectionable program likely to disturb the functioning and use of the Site and/or the navigation of the Site.

The Visitor/the Supporter is bound to regularly update their equipment, materials and programmes and connections required for normal function of the Site.


La République En Marche will not be held responsible for the possible unavailability of the Site for technical reasons, in particular in the case of:

The Site may be modified or access suspended unilaterally and without warning by the Editor, without this giving any right to the Visitor and/or Supporter.


The Editor wishes to inform the Visitor and the Supporter of risks which are inherent to the use and navigation of the Site, particularly in terms of the lack of total security and in terms of the lack of guarantee of continuity in access to the Site and to Site content.

The editor will not in any case be held responsible for these risks and their consequences, whether harmful or not, whatever the scope, impact and importance for the Visitor and/or the Supporter.

It is up to each Visitor and/or Supporter to keep informed regarding computer security and network security, and as a result to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data, programs and materials from contamination by viruses of other forms of attacks possibly circulating through the Site or from Site content.


Parents and legal guardians must supervise their children’s’ use of the Internet and are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet. In this respect it is recalled that browsing and using the Site is reserved for citizens of at least sixteen (16) years of age at the moment of first connection.


6.1. Registration

A Supporter supporting the Tribune may register for the Site Newsletter and in this way become a Newsletter Subscriber.

A Supporter wishing to subscribe to the Newsletter is bound to provide exact, genuine and up-to-date information when this is requested on the occasion of any data collection formula or exchanges with contact addresses for La République En Marche.

6.2. Unsubscribing

A Newsletter Subscriber has the option to unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any moment by clicking on the link provided for this purpose within the Newsletter or by making a request to the address [email protected].


The pages of the Site, the databases, text, logos, graphics, programs, video excepts, sound excerpts, photographs, images, content, etc. given on the Site are protected by intellectual property rights, in particular by copyright, image rights, related rights, database rights and trademark rights.

La République En Marche is the holder of the Site’s intellectual property rights in their entirely, as well as for each of its constituent elements.

The Visitor and the Supporter may not in any case be granted any property right to the site.

As a result, any copy, reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, modification, spread, and/or alteration, whether in full or in part, or transfer of Site data and content to another Site without the express written agreement of La République En Marche is prohibited and constitutes imitation in the sense of the Intellectual Property Code, excluding stipulated legal exceptions.

Sharing the Tribune is however possible using the share buttons provided for this purpose on the website (cf. Article 8).


Every Supporter/Visitor is authorised to share the Tribune on social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp) via the buttons on the Site for this purpose.

This sharing is nevertheless subject to the present GCU, the Personal Data Protection Policy (https://eu-renaissance.org/en/privacy), the Cookies policy (https://eu-renaissance.org/en/cookies), but also to the full, entire and unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions of Use, the cookie policy and the data protection policies of social media sites and other services such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Whatsapp.


Browsing and use of the Site is at the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Visitor/the Supporter.

By browsing the Site and using the Site, using its services, and/or supporting the Tribune, the Visitor and/or the Supporter is bound to:


La République En Marche is bound to implement the necessary measures to repair reported and known bugs and to act to give normal function to the Site. This will not be interpreted as a performance obligation.

La République En Marche cannot guarantee the Visitor and Supporter that the use of the site and navigation on it shall be uninterrupted and free of bugs and secure,


The Visitor and the Supporter use and browse the Site under their sole responsibility.

The Visitor and the Supporter explicitly acknowledge that La République En Marche may not be held responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, or any loss of earnings resulting from the use of the Site. Any form of guarantee is therefore excluded in the case of damage.

In the same way, La République En Marche  cannot be held responsible in the case of interruption, suspension and/or modification of the Site in full or in part.


The Visitor and the Supporter are informed that during browsing or use of the Site, personal data concerning them may be collected via the data collection forms which they fill in, in particular in the case of a contact request.

La République En Marche is the data controller concerning the collection and processing of this data.

The Visitor and the Supporter are bound to accept the Data Protection Policy to browse and/or use the Site, which can be viewed at the address https://eu-renaissance.org/en/privacy.

La République En Marche designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to the French Commision of IT and Freedoms (CNIL). For any question relative to the engagements of La République En Marche concerning the protection of your data, or for any complain, you can contact the DPO at the following address: [email protected].


La République En Marche cannot be held responsible for the content of sites and partner content which the Site refers to using hyperlinks or references, in particular statements, articles, images, videos or any other element circulated by these partner sites.

This will be the same for the use of social media share buttons (or other services) such as those of Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or Whatsapp.


La République En Marche reserves the right to make changes and corrections/developments to the present GCU.

The Supporters and Newsletter Subscribers will be notified of any modification by any means.

The new GCU will annul and replace all previous General Conditions of Use.


If one or several clauses of the present GCU are declared null or invalid thorough application of a law, a regulation or following the final decision of a competent court, other articles/clauses shall retain their full force and effect.


The GCU apply from the first connection to the Site and during its use. The duration of the present GCU is indefinite.


The present GCU are governed by French law. Only the French version shall prevail. Potential translations of the present GCU are provided for convenience only.

Any dispute arising from the use of the Site, or the application and interpretation of the present General Conditions of Use or support of the Tribune, its consequences and its continuations are subject to French law and the jurisdiction of French courts.


Any Supporter/Visitor may contact La République En Marche by using the following email address: [email protected] or by referring to the Legal Notices which can be consulted on the Site.

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